Back On? Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Hold Hands in Passionate Snapchat Post

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The supposedly ex-couple and are sparking a reconciliation of their infamous on-and-off relationship. The couple shared some sweet pics on their Snapchat accounts on Wednesday, April 19 which include a romantic snap of a man and a woman holding hands.

On the social media, Chyna posted a beautiful snap of her and a tattooed man, who was presumably Rob, holding hands romantically. Although it was a simple picture, there was a luxurious vibe in it since both wore luxurious-looking watches. However, Chyna’s engagement ring was nowhere to be seen in the dim-lit photo.

On the other hand, Rob opted to share a less secretive photo on Snapchat. The 30-year-old hunk shared a sweet photo of her ex-fiancee Chyna. Chyna was seen donning a white crop top and a purple wig. The photo featured Rob’s tattooed hand, which was seemingly placed on Chyna’s thigh, confirming that the hand on Chyna’s Snapchat post indeed belonged to Rob.

Judging from the photos alone, it’s hard to know where the photos were taken. Despite the fact that the Kardashians have made it clear about how they saw Chyna and Rob’s relationship, it seems like it doesn’t necessarily stop Rob from meeting the mother of his daughter Dream. Chyna was recently reported considering to give Rob if helped her financially.


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